Antoine de Bock

Type of house: Association
Bio:I'm Antoine, a mechanical engineering bachelor student with a passion for embedded systems. I like to hang out with my roommates and friends in Eindhoven city and having bbq on the roof. Last year I joined a glider club and have a lot of fun following lessons to obtain my glider pilot license. That same year they let me in their club house where I still live. Next to gliding I like to listen music, from DnB to Pink Floyd, and cruising around on car, bike or mopet, gaming etcetera. I live in the center of Eindhoven very near to the cinema, Effenaar and Dynamo. There's probably a lot I forgot but I'll tell ablut that later.

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Nieuwstraat 38, 5611DB Eindhoven

Offerer: Antoine de Bock
Places available: 2/2
Gender: None
Type: Vereniging